Juvenile Justice Task Force

House Bill 1634 of 2016 created the Task Force to Study the Restraint, Searches, and Needs of Children in the Juvenile Justice System.  Meeting through the fall and winter of 2016, the Task Force will present its final recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly on or before December 31, 2016, in time for the 2017 legislative session.

Task Force Documents

Strip Search Related:

        Other State, County or Entity Policies & Practices:

                CA State Penal Code Sec. 4030

                CA Santa Cruz Detention Center Search Policy

                MD DJS Other States Summary by John Irvine                

                JDAI Juvenile Facility Assessment Instrument

                KY DJJ Intake & Orientation Search Policy

                KY DJJ Program Services Search Policy

                MO DYS Search Training Guide

                MO DYS Contraband Policy

                OR DYS Search Policy Statement

                Other State Examples Chart by Dana Shoenberg

                VT Woodside Search Policy

                WA Search Policy

(More coming soon!)

Reports & Recommendations

The following organizations and persons have submitted written recommendations to the Task Force:


    Delegate Jay Jalisi    

    Delegate Susie Proctor

    Department of Juvenile Services - REVISED

    Denise Henderson

    Juvenile Justice Monitoring Unit

    MD Sheriff's Association

    NARAL Pro-Choice MD

    Office of the Public Defender - Strip SearchesShackling - REVISED

The Task Force's final report and recommendations, including a minority report, if any, are due December 31, 2016.