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Anne Arundel County Launches Amnesty Program for People with FTA Warrants, WBALTV, 6/12/2017

Pretrial Programs Critical to Eliminating Cash Bail, Baltimore Sun, 5/31/2017

St. Mary's Pretrial Supervision Program Earns Praise as it Cuts Incarceration, Baltimore Sun, 5/27/2017

Prince George's County Public Defender Hosts Expungement Fair, NBC-4 Washington, 5/23/2017

Fallout from Indictment of Baltimore Police Officers Continues as Prosecutors Drop Dozens of Charges, Baltimore Sun, 5/11/2017  

How Does a Public Defender Work, Slate, 5/8/2017

The Cost of Freedom, ACS Blog, 4/21/2017

Let Bail Reform Happen, The Daily Record, 4/7/2017

Federal Judge Approves Baltimore Consent Decree, The Daily Record, 4/7/2017

About 50 Speak at Baltimore Police Hearing, U.S. News & World Report, 4/6/2017

In Rare Hearing, Baltimore Police Officer Testifies About Past Internal Affairs Complaints, Baltimore Sun, 3/28/2017

In Rare Move, Baltimore Judge Allows Open Hearing on Officers' Internal Affairs Complaints, Baltimore Sun, 3/27/2017

Marilyn Mosby Says Seven Cops’ Indictments Affect More than 200 Cases; Public Defender Estimates Tally “in the Thousands”, Baltimore Fishbowl, 3/24/2017 

Attorneys Gain Access to Baltimore Police Officer’s Internal Affairs Records, The Daily Record, 3/22/2017

Judge Grants New Trial, State Drops Charge Against Man Arrested by Indicted Baltimore Police Officers, Baltimore Sun, 3/20/2017

Legal Consequences Due to the Federal Indictment of 7 Police Officers, Fox45 News, 3/20/2017

Following Officer Indictments, a Slew of Old Cases to Go Over, City Paper, 3/17/2017

Baltimore Consent Decree Advocates Say Transparency Still Necessary, The Daily Record, 3/17/2017

The High Cost of Bail: How Maryland's Reliance on Money Bail Jails the Poor and Costs the Community Millions, National Association of Public Defenders Blog, 3/13/2017

Impact of Seven Baltimore Officers' Indictment Continues to Grow, Fox Baltimore, 3/9/2017

More than 100 Call Public Defender Hotline for Help, ABC 2 News, 3/8/2017

Hotline Set Up For Those With Cases Involving Indicted Officers, CBS Baltimore, 3/7/2017

Indictment Sends Ripple of Doubt Through Baltimore Cases, U.S. News and World Report, 3/3/2017 

Bail Reform and the Cost of Pretrial Detention, Frederick News-Post, 2/27/2017

Why We Can’t Seem to End the War on Drugs, The Hill, 2/19/2017

Bill Would Strip Governor of Final Say in Parole Decisions, The Daily Record, 2/14/2017

Baltimore Advocates Fear Increased Enforcement of Undocumented Immigration, Baltimore Sun 2/14/2017

Don't Blame Baltimore Judge for Releasing a Man Police Later Shot, Baltimore Sun, 2/13/2017

More Work to be Done on Md. Bail Reform, Baltimore Sun, 2/9/2017

Maryland Court Overhauls Bail System That Jails Defendants Just Because They’re Poor, Huffington Post, 2/8/2017

Maryland Court of Appeals: Defendants Can't Be Held in Jail Because They Can't Afford Bail, Baltimore Sun, 2/8/2017

Making Bail Should be Easier for Low-Income People Under New Maryland Rules, Frederick News Post, 2/8/82017

Maryland’s Highest Court Overhauls the State’s Cash-Based Bail System, Washington Post, 2/7/2017

The US Bail System Punishes the Poor and Rewards the Rich, Quartz, 2/2/2017

Op-Alt: Why Ending the War on Drugs Makes Sense For All Sides and How We Can Start, City Paper, 1/31/2017

Md. Bill Erodes Due Process Protections, Baltimore Sun, 1/30/2017

Cashing Out, VICE, 1/19/2017

Holder Urges Md. Bail Reform, Afro, 1/11/2017

Missed a Court Date? This Month, You Could Be Forgiven, City Paper, 1/6/2017

Second Chance Program Helps Resolve Failure to Appear Warrants, WBAL-TV, 1/5/2017

Money Bail Extracts Too High a Toll, Baltimore Sun, 1/3/2017

The High Cost of Bail, ACS Blog, 1/3/2017

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