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State Commission on Gun Trace Task Force Scandal to Hold First Meeting in Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, 12/18/2018

Feds: Ex-Baltimore Police Officer Admitted Misconduct, Expanding Scope of Gun Trace Task Force Corruption Probe, Baltimore Sun, 12/6/2018

Study Finds Low Recidivism, Potential Savings to Releasing Older Prisoners, The Daily Record, 11/26/2018

Congress should move forward on sentencing reform, Baltimore Sun, 11/20/2018

Court Rule on Bail Bondsmen Has Not Increased Detention, Letter to the Editor, Herald Mail Media, 11/9/2018

Editorial Advisory Board: Time to Review Maryland’s Expungement Laws, The Daily Record, 10/25/2018

Western Maryland Groups Receive Funds to Combat Opioid Epidemic, Herald Mail Media, 10/25/2018

CareFirst Grant Will Help Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Expand Services, WDVMTV, 10/24/2018

Public Defender's Office Gets Grant to Help Clients with Substance Use Problems, Frederick News Post, 10/24/2018

Review of Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force Cases Slows; Defense Lawyers Criticize Delay, Baltimore Sun, 10/23/2018

ACLU Joins Students’ Challenge to Prince George’s Summer School Tuition Prices, Washington Post, 10/21/2018

Court Rulings Prompt Release of 38 St. Mary's Jail Inmates, Southern Maryland News, 9/14/2018 

Independent Investigator Needed to Assess Conditions for Confined Juveniles, Frederick News-Post, 9/8/2018

Fighting the Battles to Win the War, Medium, 9/7/2018

Juveniles Charged as Adults Potentially Face Dangerous Conditions at Detention Centers, Fox 45 News, 9/6/2018

DeWolfe Appeals Drug-Sniffing Dog Case to Supreme Court, The Daily Record, 8/31/2018

State Public Defender Concerned by Conditions for Juveniles at Frederick County Jail, Frederick News-Post, 8/28/2018

Baltimore Prosecutors Must Also Hold Police Accountable, Baltimore Sun, 8/17/2018

Program Links Baltimore High School Students with Legal Careers, The Daily Record, 8/9/2018

The Number of People in Maryland Prisons Continues to Drop, Baltimore Sun, 7/26/2018

Text-Message Reminders are a Cheap and Effective Way to Reduce Pretrial Detention, ABA Journal, 7/17/2018

'My Lawyer!' A Legendary Baltimore Public Defender Retires, Baltimore Sun, 7/13/2018

Plea Deals Part 3: Police Crimes Hidden in Secrecy, Capital News Service, 6/14/2018

Baltimore School Board to Vote on New Policies for Police Officers, Baltimore Sun 6/11/2018 

Plea Deals Punish the Innocent, Hide the Guilty in Baltimore Police Scandal, Capital News Service, 5/30/2018 

Coalition Pushes for Baltimore School Police to Adopt More Youth-Friendly Miranda Warning, Baltimore Sun, 5/24/2018

Blocking the Roadway to Police Reform, Baltimore Brew, 5/7/2018

Meek Mill is Exhibit A of Nation's Broken Probation System, USA Today, 4/24/2018

Conviction of Man Arrested by the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force Wiped Away, Posthumously, Baltimore Sun, 4/5/2018

When Cops Become Robbers, BBC News North America, 4/3/2018

Baltimore Police Seize Millions in Cash. Residents Rarely Get It Back, Baltimore Sun, 3/30/2018

Poverty Needs to Be Decriminalized in Maryland, Washington Informed, 3/28/2018

Prosecutors: Thousands Of Cases Involving Corrupt BPD Task Force Could Be Thrown Out, CBS Baltimore, 3/26/2018

Addressing the Criticisms of the Cash Bail System, Frederick News-Post, 3/25/2018

Judge Dismisses Attempted Murder Case Prosecutors Were Bringing Forward Despite Involvement of Corrupt Gun Unit, Baltimore Sun, 3/23/2018

Public Defender's Office Finds Maryland Courts Should Expand Pretrial Options, Frederick News-Post, 3/19/2018

Maryland Clarifying Law to Try to Save Lives, The Star Democrat, 3/17/2018

Studies Conclude Cash Bail Down but Reform Still Needed, The Daily Record, 3/11/2018

Increasing Prison Sentences–By Any name or Number–Won’t Stem Violence, The Daily Record, 3/9/2018

Undoing Unjust Prison Sentences in Maryland, One Case at a Time, Washington Post, 3/9/2018

Baltimore Students Deserve to Feel Safe, The Afro, 3/8/2018

Judges Need the Power to Get Offenders Into Drug Treatment, Baltimore Sun, 3/8/2018

Annapolis Needs to Take a Time-Out on Hogan-Zirkin Crime Bill, Baltimore Sun, 3/6/2018

Police Chief's Views on the Talley Acquittal are Simply Wrong, Capital Gazette, 3/3/2018

The High Cost of Unlicensed Bail Bonds, The Atlantic, 3/2/2018

Officers' Names Disappear From Court Case Search Database, U.S. News & World Report, 3/2/2018

Wrongful Convictions Task Force Supports Standardized Compensation, The Daily Record, 3/1/2018

Why Should We Trust Baltimore Police With Aerial Surveillance Technology?, Baltimore Sun, 2/26/2018

How Deeper Issues Arise from the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force Trial, Baltimore Beat, 2/25/2018

Judge Rules Defense Can Call Former Gun Trace Task Force Officers in 2016 Baltimore Shooting Case, Baltimore Sun, 2/15/2018

Amid Police Corruption Case, Baltimore Hopes for Reform, Governing, 2/13/2018

9 More to Graduate from Drug Court, Eye on Annapolis, 2/13/2018 

Teens Sentenced to Life in Prison say Maryland’s Parole System is Unconstitutional, Washington Post, 2/6/2018

Md. High Court Weighs Constitutionality of Juvenile Life Sentences, The Daily Record 2/6/2018

Maryland Reforms Have More Defendants Awaiting Trial Held, Released Without Bail, Frederick News-Post, 2/3/2018

More Alleged Victims of Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force Come Forward, Say Authorities Failed to Intervene, Baltimore Sun, 2/2/2018

Thousands Of Cases That Involved Cops In Corruption Scandal May Be Tainted, CBS Baltimore, 1/31/2018

Hogan’s Mandatory-Minimum Bill Thrills Prosecutors, Riles Defense, The Daily Record, 1/30/2018

How A Corrupt Baltimore Police Task Force Tainted Thousands of Cases, VICE News, 1/26/2018

Baltimore Police Officer Indicted On Charges Of Misconduct, Fabricating Evidence, NPR, 1/25/2018

Wrongly Convicted and Jailed, Now Free at Last, Baltimore Brew, 1/18/2018

Public Defender: Juvenile Gun Possession Should Not Be Adult Charge, The Daily Record, 1/17/2018

Since Bail Reform, Maryland Holding Fewer People Who Can't Afford Bond, Assembly Panel Told, Baltimore Sun, 1/16/2018

Cash Bail Use Continues to Decline in First 6 Months Under New Rule, The Daily Record, 1/15/2018

Juvenile Detention Facility Left Without Water Service, Associated Press, 1/10/2018 

The High Cost of Bad Cops, Baltimore Sun, 1/6/2018

A Message from Incoming NAPD Steering Committee Chair Paul DeWolfe, NAPD Blog, 1/3/2018

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