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She Spent Five Days In Jail Because She Couldn’t Come Up With $1,000. Bail Overhaul Advocates Say Her Story Is Not Uncommon, Washington Post, 12/27/2016

DeWolfe Seeks Supreme Court Review of Search Following DUI Arrest, The Daily Record, 12/27/2016

Lost Girls: Young Women Face Harsher Punishment in Maryland’s Juvenile Justice System, Baltimore Sun, 12/16/2016

In Maryland, Public Defenders Bear Uneven Burden, Washington Post, 12/16/2016

Maryland Task Force Recommends Limits to Juvenile Shackling Policies, Baltimore Sun, 12/16/2016 

Justice by Algorithm, City Lab, 12/8/2016

Baltimore's Cash Bail System Traps Thousands, Propelling the Poor Deeper into Poverty, City Paper, 12/7/2016

Maryland Juvenile Justice Task Force Recommends Severely Curtailing Strip-Searches, Baltimore Sun, 12/2/2016 

Md. High Court Will Consider Rule Prohibiting Exorbitant Bail, The Daily Record, 11/18/2016

In Maryland, A Fight is Brewing Over Cash Bail for Poor Defendants, Washington Post, 11/17/2016

Baltimore Suspending Many More Students from School, Baltimore Sun, 11/14/2016

Eric Holder Wants to End Bail as We Know It, City Lab, 11/8/16

Law Enforcement and Community Roundtable, The Baltimore Barrister, 11/2016

District Court Chief Judge Advises Against Using Bail to Detain, Punish Defendants, The Daily Record, 10/31/2016

Editorial Advisory Board: Maryland Judiciary Must Show Leadership on Bail Reform, The Daily Record, 10/27/2016

Maryland Parole Commission Says It Will Hold Hearings for Hundreds of Juvenile Lifers, Baltimore Sun, 10/16/2016

Maryland Attorney General Questions State's Bail System, WBAL TV, 10/14/2016

Unconstitutional Detention, Baltimore Sun, 10/13/2016

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh Questions Legality of Bail Defendants Can't Afford, Baltimore Sun, 10/11/2016

Under-funding Public Defenders Harms Maryland’s Justice System, MD Center on Economic Policy, 9/13/2016

How Baltimore Became America's Laboratory for Spy Tech, Wired, 9/4/2016 

Public Defender to Baltimore Police: Suspend Use of Surveillance Plane, CBS Baltimore, 8/29/2016

State Public Defender's Office Calls for Immediate Suspension of Baltimore Police Surveillance Program, Baltimore Sun, 8/29/2016

Public Defenders Say Discovery Violations an Everyday Occurrence, Daily Record, 8/28/2016

Overwhelmed Public Defenders, Baltimore Sun, 8/27/2016

Public Defender: Baltimore's Secret Surveillance Images Could Have Exonerated Innocent Citizens, Baltimore Sun, 8/26/2016

Baltimore Police Department Uses Sophisticated Aerial Camera Surveillance System, WBALTV, 8/26/2016

Public Defenders Begin Combing Through Cases After Aerial Surveillance Discovery, Fox 45 News, 8/25/2016

No More Secret Surveillance on Baltimore Citizens, Baltimore Sun, 8/24/2016

Public Defenders Get the Job Done, Baltimore Sun, 8/23/2016

Maryland Public Defenders Juggle Heavy Caseloads; Critics Say Indigent Clients Suffer, Baltimore Sun, 8/20/2016 

Baltimore School Cops' Abuse Of Kids Is Rooted In City's Racist History, Huffington Post, 8/16/2016

Op-Alt: Why you should read Justice Sotomayor's opinion in Utah v. Strieff, City Paper, 8/10/2016

Police Don't Need to Read Miranda Rights to Arrest, Charge Someone with Crime, Carroll County Times, 8/6/2016

Debacle in Baltimore: Prosecutors, Part of the Problem, Struggle with Solutions, Salon, 7/24/2016

Demorrea Tarver's Charges Were Dropped, but the 10 Percent Fee He Promised a Bail Bondsman on His $275,000 Bail Has Him Drowning in Debt, City Paper, 7/20/2016

Maryland's Second-Highest Court Orders Juveniles Unshackled in Court, Baltimore Sun, 7/1/2016 

Advocates, Judges Discuss Expungement Changes, Daily Record, 6/16/2016

Maryland Lawsuit Seeks Hospital Beds for Mentally Ill Inmates, Washington Post, 6/10/2016

Modernizing Maryland's Bail System, WYPR, 6/8/2016

How Maryland Came to Repeal Mandatory Minimums for Drug Offenders, Washington Post, 6/1/2016

Why Exercising Your Rights Is Still a Dangerous Act a Year After the Death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore City Paper, 6/1/2016

The Problem with Cash Bail, Baltimore Sun, 5/11/2016

Battlefield Technology Gets Spotlight in Maryland Courts: Secrecy and Defense Concerns Surround Cell Phone Trackers, Capital News Service, 5/3/2016

Efforts to Reconsider Life Sentences for Juveniles Gain Momentum in Maryland, Baltimore Sun, 4/23/2016

Baltimore Case on Cellphone Tracking Echoes Broader Concerns, NBC News, 4/10/2016 

ACLU of Md. Alleges Unconstitutional Parole System for ‘Juvenile Lifers’, Daily Record, 4/6/2016

Stingray Ruling Could Challenge Hundreds of Baltimore Convictions, Guardian, 4/5/2016

Police Use This Secret Military Snooping Gadget to Track Cell Phones. But Is It Legal?, Mother Jones, 4/4/2016

Court Systems Rethink the Use of Financial Bail, Which Some Say Penalizes the Poor, ABA Journal, 4/1/2016

A Maryland Court Is The First To Require A Warrant For Covert Cellphone Tracking, Washington Post, 3/31/2016

Maryland Appellate Court: Warrant Required For 'Stingray' Phone Tracking, Baltimore Sun, 3/31/2016

200 Imprisoned Based On Illegal Cellphone Tracking, Review Finds, USA Today, 3/31/2016

Strip-Searching and Shackling Kids: Is it Necessary?, WYPR Midday, 3/30/2016 

MD Legislators on Standby as Murder Sentencing Scheme Faces Constitutional Challenge, Daily Record, 3/20/16

Are School Police Doing More Harm Than Good?WYPR Midday, 3/16/2016

Annapolis Stingray Hearing Offers Rare Glimpse at How Police Track Cellphones, Technical.ly Baltimore, 3/15/16

Juveniles In Maryland's Justice System Are Routinely Strip-searched And Shackled, Baltimore Sun, 3/13/2016

School Police Do More Harm Than Good, Baltimore Sun, 3/10/2016

Maryland Court Bars Evidence From Cellphone Tracking Device, Washington Times, 3/2/2016

MD Public Defender, Prosecutor Both Back Criminal Justice Reforms, Baltimore Sun, 2/29/2016

More Than 130 Maryland Lifers Adjust To Freedom After Court Ruling, NPR, 2/17/2016

OPD Takes Closer Look At Juveniles Sentenced To Life In Prison, Daily Record, 2/3/2016

Supreme Court: Juveniles Sentenced To Life May Get 2nd Chance, Baltimore Sun, 1/26/2016

Inside America's For-Profit Bail System, VICE, 1/21/2016

Treatment, Not Jail, For Addicts, Mentally Ill, Baltimore Sun, 1/6/2016

Criticism Leveled At Schools For Maryland Juvenile Offenders, Baltimore Sun, 12/28/2015

Scrooge Comes To Prince George's County, Washington Post, 12/25/2015

Guest Column: Police Must Enforce The Law Evenly, Capital Gazette, 10/14/2015

MD Public Defender's Division Challenges Life Sentences For Juveniles, Daily Record, 9/14/2015

As Jail Inmates Are Moved, Their Lawyers Have Trouble Finding Them, Baltimore Sun, 8/14/2015

Public Defender's Office To Review Cases Involving Stingray Technology, Baltimore Sun, 8/28/2015

Unchain Maryland's Children, Baltimore Sun, 5/19/2015

Street Policing Doesn't Belong In School, Baltimore Sun, 1/30/2015

Judge In Maryland Locks Up Youths And Rules Their Lives, New York Times, 12/19/2014

Lawyer Training Maryland Public Defenders Among MacArthur Grant Winners, Baltimore Sun, 9/17/2014