OPD Attorney Positions

The Maryland Office of the Public Defender (OPD) recruits both entry-level and experienced trial attorneys.  Typically, entry-level attorneys start with OPD as trial attorneys in our the District Court divisions.  District Court attorneys placed at our various offices across the State typically start with OPD twice a year in "classes."   We specifically advertise for positions with our specialized units (e.g. Collateral Review, Appellate, Juvenile...etc.), for experienced trial attorney positions, and for supervisory positions.  

Specifically Advertised Positions

The Office of the Public Defender seeks aggressive, client-centered, and resourceful advocates to join our team. OPD is not currently recruiting for any specifically advertised attorney positions. 

 Statewide Entry Level Positions

The Office of the Public Defender hires dynamic, dedicated, and client-centered litigators to serve as Assistant Public Defenders at various District Court locations throughout the State of Maryland.  The next class of attorneys to join OPD will be in the Fall Class of 2015.  For more information on how to apply to be considered for our Fall Class please visit this page in March of 2015. 

*Please note that only barred attorneys can start with OPD in our Fall Class.  Therefore, the majority of current 3Ls will not be eligible to apply.


Assistant Public Defenders are full time employees who serve at the pleasure of the Public Defender.  Criminal Procedure Article, Section 16-203(d).  Assistant Public Defender cannot simultaneously engage in the private practice of law.  The Maryland Office of the Public Defender is an equal opportunity employer.