1. Master — An attorney appointed to help the court with its proceedings.

2. Sheriff — Maintains order in the courtroom and serves Summonses and other court documents.

3. Court Clerk — Responsible for keeping the official court file, writing court orders and scheduling future court dates.

4. Witness — Any person who comes to court to testify or tell the court about what they know or did in a case.

5. Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) — The State agency responsible for the supervision, treatment and rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents.

6. Assistant State's Attorney (Prosecutor) A lawyer from the State’s Attorney’s Office responsible for charging and adjudicating delinquent youth.

7. Assistant Public DefenderA lawyer appointed to represent adults and juveniles accused of crimes.

8. Respondent A juvenile accused of a delinquent act; the same as the defendant in adult court.

9. Legal Guardian — Parent or person legally responsible for the care of a child.

Who is in the Juvenile Courtroom?

Who is in the Juvenile Court?