Youthful Defendant Unit
Office of the Public Defender
217 E. Redwood Street
10th Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 2120
Phone: 410
Fax: 410

Commonly Used Numbers:
OPD Central Booking
410 209 4437
OPD Baltimore City Main Number
410 333 4900
OPD Baltimore City Juvenile Court
443 263 6360
410 209 4001
Eager Street Academy
410 209 4091
443 263 8998

How to Apply for a Lawyer

The Office of the Public Defender handles any criminal case carrying a possible jail sentence or a fine greater than $500.00.

Eligibility for Public Defender services is determined by comparing a client’s financial condition to the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

You must apply at least ten (10) working days prior to your trial date. 

You may apply at most OPD Offices, not just the county where you will go to court.

You will be interviewed by an Intake Specialist, complete a written application, and be asked to provide information about your income and assets.

Call 1 877 430 5187 for more information.