The Juvenile Protection Division will monitor and /or represent any OPD juvenile client committed to DJS and placed outside the child's home.

Stephen Bergman, Director
217 E. Redwood Street. Suite 1000
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-209-8685

Juvenile Protection Division (JPD)

In January 2007, the Public Defender created the Juvenile Protection Division to serve as a specialized statewide division to monitor the conditions of confinement of all OPD juvenile clients committed to the care and custody of the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS). 

The JPD is also responsible for protecting the individual rights of juveniles who are committed to DJS facilities, ensuring the safety and appropriateness of their placements and assuring the timely implementation of juvenile court orders. 

The JPD is comprised of three attorneys, one social worker, and one paralegal, who work collaboratively with the trial attorneys who represent the individual juveniles ensuring that the commitment orders for those clients are fully complied with and ensuring the health and safety of the juveniles while detained. 

The JPD’s responsibility for this oversight and advocacy for committed juveniles is consistent with the mission of the Office of the Public Defender and the legal services that are provided to adult clients.