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Teens Sentenced to Life in Prison say Maryland’s Parole System is Unconstitutional, Washington Post, 2/6/2018

Md. High Court Weighs Constitutionality of Juvenile Life Sentences, The Daily Record 2/6/2018

Maryland Reforms Have More Defendants Awaiting Trial Held, Released Without Bail, Frederick News-Post, 2/3/2018

More Alleged Victims of Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force Come Forward, Say Authorities Failed to Intervene, Baltimore Sun, 2/2/2018

Thousands Of Cases That Involved Cops In Corruption Scandal May Be Tainted, CBS Baltimore, 1/31/2018

Hogan’s Mandatory-Minimum Bill Thrills Prosecutors, Riles Defense, The Daily Record, 1/30/2018

How A Corrupt Baltimore Police Task Force Tainted Thousands of Cases, VICE News, 1/26/2018

Baltimore Police Officer Indicted On Charges Of Misconduct, Fabricating Evidence, NPR, 1/25/2018

Wrongly Convicted and Jailed, Now Free at Last, Baltimore Brew, 1/18/2018

Public Defender: Juvenile Gun Possession Should Not Be Adult Charge, The Daily Record, 1/17/2018

Since Bail Reform, Maryland Holding Fewer People Who Can't Afford Bond, Assembly Panel Told, Baltimore Sun, 1/16/2018

Cash Bail Use Continues to Decline in First 6 Months Under New Rule, The Daily Record, 1/15/2018

Juvenile Detention Facility Left Without Water Service, Associated Press, 1/10/2018 

The High Cost of Bad Cops, Baltimore Sun, 1/6/2018

A Message from Incoming NAPD Steering Committee Chair Paul DeWolfe, NAPD Blog, 1/3/2018

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