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OPD Press Releases

12/6/2018: Statement of Kirsten Getty-Downs, District Public Defender for Baltimore City, Regarding Police Corruption By Former BPD Officer Matthew Ryckman 


9/27/2018:  OPD Comment on the Baltimore Police Department's Draft Policies for Searches, Stops, Arrests and Warrants

3/12/2018: Court Observation Project Finds Minimal Use of Money Bail with Reliance on Held Without Bail for Some Charges; Recommends More Robust Pretrial Services and Other Measures

3/9/2018: Baltimore City District Public Defender Responds to City Solicitor and State’s Attorney’s Announcement to “Streamline” the Obligation to Disclose BPD Officer Internal Affairs Documents to Defense Counsel in Criminal Cases

2/21/2018: Baltimore City Felony Trial Chief To Testify at BPD Commissioner Confirmation Hearing; Demands Transparency and Accountability to Root Out Corruption

11/30/2017: New Charges Against Previously Indicted Officer Underscores Widespread, Lengthy Nature of BPD Corruption; Individuals in Cases Impacted Remain Wrongly Incarcerated

9/28/2017: Public Defender Applauds Contempt Order Due to Health Officials’ Disregard of Obligation to Admit Individuals Committed for Hospitalization

9/12/2017:  District Public Defender and Director of Juvenile Justice Policy Testify at Legislative Briefing on Public Safety in Baltimore

7/31/2017: Another Problematic Police Body-Worn Camera Video Identified; Baltimore State’s Attorney Still Failing to Disclose Information in Impacted Cases

7/25/2017: District Public Defender Submits Written Testimony in Opposition of Mandatory Minimum Sentence Bill

7/20/2017: Office of the Public Defender Concerned by Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Disregard for Disclosure Obligations and Failure to Develop Clear Policies and Protocols

7/19/2017:  Public Defender Discloses Video Evidence of Officers Planting Drugs; Demands Swift Action by Prosecutors and Thorough Review by Police

3/23/2017: Convictions from 2015 Onward Involving Indicted Officers to be Vacated

3/7/2017:  OPD Sets Up Hotline for Individuals with Cases Involving Indicted Officers

3/6/2017:  OPD Comment on the Proposed Consent Decree Between the Department of Justice, the City of Baltimore, and the Baltimore City Police Department

11/17/2016: Public Defender Supports Proposed Rule Change; Revisions Needed to Address the Millions of Dollars in Bail Premiums Extracted from Maryland Communities.

11/15/2016: Maryland Communities Paid More Than $256 Million in Corporate Bail Bond Premiums Between 2011 and 2015, Often in Cases Where There Was Ultimately No Finding of Wrongdoing.

10/11/2016:  OPD Endorses Attorney General Advisory Opinion, Urges the End of Jailing Presumptively Innocent People Solely Because They are Too Poor to Pay Bail  

9/9/2016: Maryland Office of the Public Defender Recommendations for the Consent Decree Between the Department of Justice and the City of Baltimore

9/2/2016:  OPD Comment to the Maryland Parole Commission Regarding its Proposed Amendments to COMAR 12.08.01

8/24/16: OPD Statement on the Baltimore Police Department’s Secret Aerial Surveillance Program

8/10/16: OPD Applauds DOJ Report, Urges Greater Transparency by the Baltimore City Police Department

2/2/16: OPD Applauds Supreme Court Decision, Furthers Effort to Address Juvenile Life and Life Without Parole Sentences in Maryland

9/23/15: Press Release on Shackling of Children in Court

5/2015: OPD Statement on Shackling Children in Court

5/7/15: Police Continue to Illegally Arrest Children in Baltimore

4/29/15: Unlawful Detention of Over 230 Inmates in Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Facility

11/2014: OPD Kicks Off 100 Attorneys Pro Bono

8/22/14: Public Defender Calls for Removal and Investigation of Judge who Ordered Officer to Shock Defendant in Court

5/20/14: Gideon’s Promise Founder, Jonathan Rapping, Embarks on Partnership with the State of Maryland to Improve Indigent Defense

7/10/13: OPD and the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Partner to Assist Individuals Impacted by Unger v. State

National Association of Public Defense

The leadership of the National Association of Public Defense (NAPD) of which OPD Maryland is an organizational member has issued the attached policy statement in response to the recent events in Ferguson, MO, Staten Island, NY and Cleveland Ohio. This statement represents the strong sentiments of public defender offices across the country.

NAPD Statement