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Key Documents Supporting Current Bail Reform Efforts in Maryland

Bail Reviewed: Report of the Court Observation Program

Advancing Bail Reform on Maryland: Progress and Possibilities

The High Cost of Bail: How Maryland’s Reliance on Money Bail Jails the Poor and Costs the Community Millions 

Letter from Natasha Mehu, Associate Director, Maryland Association of Counties (Dec. 22, 2016)

Letter from Lisa Foster, Director of the Office for Access to Justice, U.S. Department of Justice (Nov. 17, 2016)

Letter from ABA President Linda Klein to the Hon. Alan Wilner, Chair, Md. Rules Committee (Nov. 15, 2016).

Memorandum from Eric H. Holder, Jr., et al., to Md. Att’y Gen. Brian Frosh (Oct. 3, 2016).

Letter from Md. Att’y Gen. Brian Frosh to the Hon. Alan Wilner, Chair, Md. Rules Committee (Oct. 25, 2016).

Abell Foundation, Finishing the Job: Modernizing Maryland’s Bail System (Jun. 2016).

National Bail Reform Resources

ACLU and Color of Change, Selling Off Our Freedom: How Insurance Corporations Have Taken Over Our Bail System (May 2017).

Harvard Law School, Criminal Justice Policy Program, “Moving Beyond Bail: A Primer on Bail Reform” (Oct. 2016).

Dear Colleague Letter from Vanita Gupta, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney Gen., Civil Rights Division, and Lisa Foster, Director, Office for Access to Justice (Mar. 14, 2016),

ABA Amicus Brief, Walker v. City of Calhoun, No. 16-10521 (11th Cir.) (filed Aug. 18, 2016).

Michael R. Jones, Pretrial Justice Institute, “Unsecured Bonds: The As Effective and Most Efficient Pretrial Release Option” (Oct. 2013).

OPD Press Releases

11/17/2016: Public Defender Supports Proposed Rule Change; Revisions Needed to Address the Millions of Dollars in Bail Premiums Extracted from Maryland Communities.

11/15/2016: Maryland Communities Paid More Than $256 Million in Corporate Bail Bond Premiums Between 2011 and 2015, Often in Cases Where There Was Ultimately No Finding of Wrongdoing.

10/11/2016:  OPD Endorses Attorney General Advisory Opinion, Urges the End of Jailing Presumptively Innocent People Solely Because They are Too Poor to Pay Bail.