The Office of the Public Defender (OPD) Website has been created to provide information to citizens and potential clients.
We take data security and the privacy of any personal information you provide very seriously. Maryland law mandates that State agencies may not create personal records unless the need for the information is clearly established and that those records are relevant to the purposes for which they were collected, that they are accurate and current, and were not obtained by fraudulent means.
In accordance with Maryland's Public Information Act (State Government Article, Section 10-601, et seq.), we are notifying you that this website collects user data for purposes of monitoring system use and responding to requests for service. The information is of the type normally and automatically transmitted during the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) request process, and as voluntarily provided on online forms and email messages solely for the purpose(s) stated.
It is our policy to preserve the privacy of personal records and to protect confidential or privileged information. Such information will be disclosed publicly only as required by the Public Information Act or as necessary and permissible to carry out official duties.

Inspection, amendment and correction of all records, along with the availability of this information to the public or any other entity, is governed by the Maryland Public Information Act and applicable State and federal law.
If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Webmaster.