Spring and fall Classes

Candidates with up to three years of criminal trial experience interested in joining OPD as trial attorneys in one of our District Offices are invited to apply to either our Spring or Fall Class. 


What we are looking for in members of our classes:  dedication, commitment, empathy, client-centered advocacy, and zeal. 

Our classes begin their time at OPD by participating in an intensive two-week Gideon's Promise training program.  For the first three years at OPD, our attorneys come back together every 6 months with the members of their class for more training and team-building. 


OPD works really hard to ensure our placement process is collaborative.  During the hiring process, applicants indicate which jurisdictions they are interested in being considered for as well as rank their preferences.  Offers will only be extended for jurisdictions for which the candidate indicated they wanted to be considered. 



Spring Class: OPD typically begins accepting applications for the Spring Class in proceeding September.  Offers are extended in the winter.  Candidates must be members of the bar one month prior to the start date (end of February, or early March), but need not be a member of the bar at the time of application.


Fall Class: OPD recruits for the Fall Class in two waves.  We begin accepting applications in September with a limited amount of offers extended in the winter. We begin accepting applications again in March with offers being extended in the summer.  Candidates must be members of the bar one month prior to the start date (early September), but need not be a member of the bar at the time of application. 


Third Year Law Students: OPD recruits law students for post-graduate attorney positions in the Fall of their 3L year.  Selected candidates join OPD as trial attorneys in the January following their graduation.  Offers are extended in the winter and are conditioned upon membership in the Maryland Bar prior to the start date.  Selected attorneys will attend training with the other members of the Spring Class.


Our Spring Class 2023 is currently accepting applications. The process looks different this year. Please read carefully before applying. You can find the State Application here (https://www.jobapscloud.com/MD/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=22&R2=005799&R3=0010). Application deadline is November 11, 2022. 

Current 3L's: we are currently accepting applications from current 3L's to join OPD in January, 2024 contingent on admission to the Maryland Bar in advance of the start date. Learn more here.

Fall Class 2023: we are currently accepting applications. A limited amount of offers will be extended to join OPD next fall. Learn more here.